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Talk, and that's a good thing!

Anyone who opens their browser at the moment is confronted with reports about the death of young Kasia Lenhardt, ex-girlfriend of Bayern Munich star Jerome Boateng. Speculation about the exact circumstances of the suspected suicide - cyberbullying, broken heart, slander - alternates with conspiracy theories - do Boateng's "Illuminati" tattoos mean more than increasing his own coolness factor?

What seems clear is that life alongside a player in Boateng's league means more than expensive holidays and designer clothes. When the love or interest in the alpha man is gone, there is not much left but shattered dreams, and in the case of "Kasia", the former prince charming also helped to wash dirty linen in public. He had little regard for the psyche of his ex.

Many people asked themselves: Does Boateng need to tot o that?

Instead of getting the adult break-up over with cleanly, he tried to talk to the tabloid press, even stylising himself as a victim who had been forced into the relationship with Kasia.

This makes one wonder: What should a forced relationship have realistically looked like, with amorous couple photos being shared on social media channels and Boateng even having his sweetheart's name engraved on his skin?

This doesn't just seem absurd, it is!

Now so-called insiders are speaking out, portraying Kasia as a girl who was not up to the tough lifestyle as a "WAG" (player's wife), in which women who believe in true love are quickly dismissed as "naive".

If you don't understand the rules of the "business", it's your own fault.

In Kasia's case, the rules apparently included the fact that shortly before her death she signed a contract, a "non-disclosure agreement", not to speak publicly about her relationship with Boateng.

Style PASS does not have this document, but such contracts are unfortunately not uncommon in the scene. Elaborate contracts that sometimes tilt in favour of one party and against the other - that's what so-called "star lawyers" get paid a lot of money for.

Especially in a personal crisis, such as a separation, one is not always strong enough to stand up for oneself, which also includes not letting one's mouth be shut.

Shortly before her death, Kasia announced that she would soon present her view of the break-up with Boateng. Many would certainly have listened to her.

Now Boateng has the power of interpretation!

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