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The DFB's truce is only a façade

Ring free for the next round

The heroes are exhausted, and so are their squires. In the Middle Ages, the opponents negotiated a castle peace, because neither the castle was stormed nor the attacks really repelled. Such "peace" was of course not worth the parchment on which it was sealed; rather, it served merely as a respite. To lick wounds, seek new allies, sharpen swords, organise new gunpowder and supplies.

Such comparisons suggest themselves when the press statement of the German Soccer Association after the recent executive committee meeting is taken note of.  After six hours of talks, President Fritz Keller and General Secretary Friedrich Curtius want to make a final attempt at conciliation "after intensive and constructive discussion". As to the choice of words: "constructive" describes in diplomatic parlance that they did not come any closer to each other; "intensive" that the opponents were at each other's throats. But it gets worse, the press department seems downright helpless when it is announced that the two gentlemen would "immediately undertake a joint attempt for the last time in the interest of the German Soccer Association, its member associations and its employees to discuss and define rules and roles for future joint professional cooperation".

What is it actually about? That is being concealed. So Style PASS reads between the lines and attempts a "final and professional" analysis. Firstly: The two opponents cannot look at each other's skins. Secondly: The federation, already entangled in its own swamp through self-privileges and lordly attitudes, takes itself too seriously and offers the public a pathetic spectacle. Embarrassing, because it should serve the most important secondary matter in the world (soccer).

It all began a good year ago with a misunderstanding. A new president was supposed to come from outside as a saviour, but from soccer. Fritz Keller, a renowned and deserving club president in Freiburg as well as a respected winemaker and restaurateur, seemed to be the right man for the job. But the new president, who is sometimes labelled as shirtsleeve, even wanted changes and pushed for a reappraisal of the many affairs in the association, where the public prosecutor's office comes and goes. But this is not what the camarilla had in mind, especially since many hoped that Keller was only an interlude after which their own presidential prospects could be realised.

One can confidently assume that General Secretary Curtius also has such ambitions. One can even understand that, since a UEFA general secretary named Infantino made it to FIFA president. And the nice Mr. Niersbach was also DFB General Secretary before he failed as president because of himself and his legacy. This should be a warning to Mr. Curtius, who has already been declared an undesirable person at the German Soccer League (DFL), because he should know quite well how many skeletons still lie in the closet that Fritz Keller is apparently not supposed to dig up.

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