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Women's Soccer World Cup 2027 in Germany?

Football's Coming Home

The DFB (German Soccer Association) has gone way out on a limb: It wants to bring the Women's World Cup 2027 to Germany. Cool thing, actually, but there are one or two challenges lurking on the horizon: Will the spectator numbers be right? Will the DFB get the right marketing concept out of the drawer to transport the drive of women's soccer to the population? Will women's soccer once again be reduced to men's soccer?

Style PASS has asked around and asked the German women's clubs in the first division:

"Football's Coming Home?

Three reasons why the Women's World Cup 2027 should take place in Germany?".

Bayer 04 is certain: The World Cup should take place in Germany because it would be "a great appreciation of us women and of the sport as a whole" and Potsdam coach Sofian Chahed adds: "Because women's soccer is becoming more and more attractive! Because we want to write our own summer fairy tale" and last but not least the coach is confident: "Because we want to win the title in our own country! Bayer still has two convincing arguments up its sleeve: "Society and young girls need strong women as role models with values such as cohesion, fairness and tolerance, and this is another opportunity to move women's soccer forward and thus generate new blood and interest.“

Daniel Kraus of Freiburg responds rather diplomatically: "We are currently celebrating 50 years of women's soccer in Germany and I think the DFB is sending out an absolutely positive and European signal here, which is a great signal at this time. The joint bid by Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands can and must of course be fully supported. Many of the players and officials from these nations already know each other from league operations. The application and hopefully also the organisation of the 2027 World Cup will definitely move women's soccer further forward.“

Style PASS keeps its fingers crossed!

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