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DFB to promote women's soccer through European cooperation

The DFB simply cannot manage to establish enthusiasm for women's soccer in German society in the long term: Sometimes there are too few spectators at first league matches - at last count an average of only 1,000 per game - and then statements from the Federal Republic's soccer mothbox repeatedly cause a bland aftertaste, as recently when "50 years of women's soccer" was celebrated and in a - funny - documentary prejudices from the day before yesterday were once again brewed up.

Now the DFB, together with the Netherlands and Belgium, is planning to host the Women's World Cup 2027. The representative of the bidding process is former national coach Silvia Neid. When it will be decided whether Germany will be awarded the contract has not yet been decided: "In the beginning, there was the desire of the Netherlands to cooperate, because the challenge would have been difficult for them to meet on their own," explains Deputy General Secretary Heike Ullrich about the European network structure for the bid and adds to Style PASS online: "We believe that our central location in Europe and the short distances between the venues would make a special and contemporary World Cup possible. And of course it would be another great step for the development of women's soccer"

From the DFB it is said that the details of the organisation would be agreed in the coming weeks and months. For example, a "Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)" could be considered, in which key points would be fixed.

When asked by Style PASS online how unencumbered the DFB is in terms of applications, the DFB remains silent on how it is dealing with the organisational burden from the "summer fairy tale 2006" and how it intends to deal with the organisational burden of the Men's European Championship 2024. The Deputy General Secretary prefers to point out that organising a world championship is "always a challenge". But: "The DFB with its great stadium infrastructure, stable stakeholder network and organisational experience is always a candidate for this. But that's why ideas like UEFA EURO 2020 with several countries or the Women's World Cup 2027 with our partners have a great charm, because you can share knowledge and pass on experience. This is particularly invaluable for the development of women's soccer".

That sounds committed, but the spark of enthusiasm still doesn't seem to be flying.

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