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Exaggerated expectations: Journalist Kerstin Mitternacht does the fact check on women's soccer

They just want to play!

What expectations do we actually have of women's football?

It should be a beautiful, fast and attractive game.  At the same time, women should be sexy, play like men, earn at least as much as men, and at the same time - as women in a men's sport - work for equality.

Isn't that one or the other expectation too much?


Why was women's football banned in Brazil until 1979?

Mr Fuzeira is worried!

The ban on women's football was intended to help ensure that the female sex remained the weaker sex. The male authorities recognised - quite rightly - the danger that women could be given a platform for self-expression through participation in national sport.



Berlin author Wilfried Happel took a look at the history of Brazil for Style PASS

Nothing ventured, nothing gaine

Australia and New Zealand host the 2023 Women's World Cup

An interesting voting result in the awarding of the Women's World Cup 2023: Australia and New Zealand convinced the so-called "Council" with 22:13 votes, while Colombia was left behind.


Text: E. Britsch

Style PASS about homosexuality and emotional closeness

There are many rumours about homosexuality in women's football. One thing is clear: same-sex love sometimes takes place in the dressing room - and there are taboos.

Style PASS spoke with a proven expert on the subject, the Viennese sports sociologist Prof. Otmar Weiß.

The questions were asked by Style PASS editor Eva Britsch