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"Women want a total package"

There are still not many people involved in contracts in the field of women's soccer. The smart sports manager Dr. Tim Nebelung has specialised with 11friends in advising female players. And? More and more female players seek his help, because the sport is moving forward. Style PASS online editor Eva Britsch spoke to him about his work.

Nebelung with the player Sarah Puntigam in Montpellier

"Equivalent component of professional soccer"

The fan organisation "Unsere Kurve" is currently making the news with a position paper calling for greater involvement of fans in the "system of professional soccer". Style PASS online spoke with the chairwoman Helen Breit about the current demands.

The soccer patron Tönnies in Style PASS fact check

Little man big!

The East Westphalian in itself is - so the cliché - an angular type. He goes through life upright and is extremely clever in business. Global companies in the area there are testimony to his constant success. One (positive) characteristic of the East Westphalian himself should not be concealed: To be more than appearances. But if you mix it up, you fail and are cut off in social life. Here too, the East Westphalian is consistent in itself.





Education offensive in Potsdam

Good soccer skills alone are not enough: That’s why Turbine Potsdam are going to offer its players an improved educational program: The club is now cooperating with the "Euro Schools".