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A blade of grass tickles emotions

Plastic straws, rubber granulate and asphalt - these were the reasons for the excitement surrounding the Women's World Cup (WFC) in Canada. At the end of 2016, journalist Kerstin Mitternacht did research on this topic for Style PASS.

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A detailed report by journalist Kerstin Mitternacht

A lot of excitement for a little plastic 

In the USA, prominent women are now investing in sport

Smart women join forces

A surprising message has recently arrived from the land of unlimited opportunities, the USA: 33 people, some of them well-known Hollywood stars and American sportswomen, have joined together to form an investor group. But not to launch the next app in Silicon Valley, but to finance a professional women's soccer team in Los Angeles. Goal? Starting in 2022, this team is to compete in the US Women's League and thus finally promote California to the National Women's Soccer League.

Text: Style PASS online Editor Eva Britsch

Style PASS looks back on a crazy year

"Annus horribilis", the Queen once said about a year full of marital quarrels and other scandals of her relatives. Compared to the challenges of 2020, this classification seems harmless.

Twilight of the gods

Wotan's spear is broken, the sign of his power gone. Richard Wagner has described this, in his smoky way, but at least as a metaphor that seems timelessly valid.