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Large flap, low power

Spirit and appreciation

The big sayings occur regularly, or on your feet. Oliver Bierhoff, team manager of the national german team, has been quite brisk these days. He has diagnosed a "wrong tonality" in dealing with our parade kickers and called for a "return to a positive spirit in the public view of the DFB eleven". What justifies this noble self-image? A painstaking victory over the Ukraine, which was clearly overestimated in terms of the result, since they had several shots at the post on their credit side? Or even the embarrassing, catastrophic performance in Spain? Six goals against, none of their own. In 1931 they lost to Austria by a similar amount.

Women's Soccer World Cup 2027 in Germany?

Football's Coming Home

The DFB (German Soccer Association) has gone way out on a limb: It wants to bring the Women's World Cup 2027 to Germany. Cool thing, actually, but there are one or two challenges lurking on the horizon: Will the spectator numbers be right? Will the DFB get the right marketing concept out of the drawer to transport the drive of women's soccer to the population? Will women's soccer once again be reduced to men's soccer?

Megan for President

What is really frightening is that anyone who sifts through the list of American presidents will not find a woman among the 45 chosen so far, or among those who have been washed into office by the murder of their predecessors. Well, Hillary almost made it, even winning a clear majority of the votes cast, but a system of electors (the name alone says it all!), incomprehensible to people who have inhaled proportional representation, shattered her dreams.

DFB to promote women's soccer through European cooperation

The DFB simply cannot manage to establish enthusiasm for women's soccer in German society in the long term: Sometimes there are too few spectators at first league matches - at last count an average of only 1,000 per game - and then statements from the Federal Republic's soccer mothbox repeatedly cause a bland aftertaste, as recently when "50 years of women's soccer" was celebrated and in a - funny - documentary prejudices from the day before yesterday were once again brewed up.