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"Us against Q.A.T.A.R."

Style PASS joins protests

It's a fine line, like many things in life: How do you protect human rights? How do you - pragmatically speaking - bring about improvements in the lives of people who have not yet benefited from the achievements of humanism and the like?

Women's power despite basement league

Women's soccer is gaining momentum. Provided the Corona pandemic doesn't throw a spanner in the works, Borussia Dortmund will launch a women's soccer team on 1 July. Style PASS thinks the concept is great and spoke with Svenja Schlenker, head of the girls' and women's soccer department, and with Managing Director Carsten Cramer.

Talk, and that's a good thing!

Anyone who opens their browser at the moment is confronted with reports about the death of young Kasia Lenhardt, ex-girlfriend of Bayern Munich star Jerome Boateng. Speculation about the exact circumstances of the suspected suicide - cyberbullying, broken heart, slander - alternates with conspiracy theories - do Boateng's "Illuminati" tattoos mean more than increasing his own coolness factor?

On the beach with long trousers?

Karla Borger and Julia Sude, the beach volleyball duo, ranked 16th in the world, are currently boycotting the tournament in Qatar because of the dress code. A beach volleyball tournament is to take place there in March, for which the authorities have imposed clear dress codes on the female athletes: Knee-length trousers and shirts instead of sporty-sexy sports bikinis.