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The somewhat different flag

Certainly, it could be argued whether signals are still necessary at all in Germany to counter homophobia. Legally equal, long since integrated into society, no longer discriminated against in private: Germany like other european countries has shown the red card to unfortunate prejudices!

End of the world looks different

In some things, the Netherlands is quicker to take off its blinkers than other countries with a comparable social and political status. Let's think of cannabis, for example - of course we are not talking about the use of hashish here (prayer wheel on!), but the relaxation in the Netherlands has led neither to a decline in morals nor to an increase in crime, on the contrary.

Now a remarkable piece of news has reached the astonished public: in the Netherlands, women will be allowed to play soccer in mixed teams with men in all amateur leagues. The local soccer association speaks of a historic moment for amateur soccer, also worldwide. It is about girls and women having a place in the soccer landscape.


"Girls" enrich the sport

Retired police officer Uwe Schmitt (60) was elected chairman of FC Concordia Wilhelmsruh at the German capital Berlin at the end of 2018. Founded in 1895, the club is one of the founding members of the German Soccer Association. Under Schmitt's leadership, the club is developing ambitions other than just shining on the big stage with the first team: social aspects and youth development - and a special focus on girls' soccer - are important points.

More and more criticism of Qatar

Criticism of the hosting of the World Cup in the Emirate of Qatar has existed since the beginning. After various male players have spoken out, the fan initiative "Unsere Kurve" has now also taken a clear stand. Style PASS spoke to its chairperson Helen Breit.