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Style PASS shows you the "Slum Studio".

Creative dress art vs. globalisation madness

What about globalisation? What advantages did it have again? For the time being, the economic marshalling yard has stopped in West Africa, precisely at Accra's (Ghana's capital) Kantamanto market - and the effects of socio-economic disparities, lack of political regulations and social cushioning in favour of a social and ecological disaster become particularly glaringly obvious here.


Researcher's view from the outside

At least superficially, Donata Hopfen embodies the usual clichés of a power woman who will succeed Christian Seifert as chairperson(s) of the German Soccer League from January 2022. The German Soccer League (DFL) was founded 21 years ago and represents the interests such as marketing, licensing and so on of the first and second German professional soccer leagues. Christian Seifert is also vice-president of the German Soccer Association (DFB).


"The door is wide open to exploitation"

The issue of human rights in Qatar has been in the spotlight for some time: deaths on large construction sites, legal-structural discrimination against homosexuals. The issue in Qatar harkens back to a centuries-old guardianship system, the kafala, and is fuelled by the dynamics of globalisation. Style PASS spoke with Amnesty International's Qatar expert Katja Müller-Fahlbusch about the current situation in the state of the oil billionaires.


The somewhat different flag

Certainly, it could be argued whether signals are still necessary at all in Germany to counter homophobia. Legally equal, long since integrated into society, no longer discriminated against in private: Germany like other european countries has shown the red card to unfortunate prejudices!