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Style PASS online about excessive vanity in professional soccer

The country needs beautiful men: Stylish, well-trained, gel in their hair, power in their pants! Sometimes it seems as if the top macho-man has survived in the soccer world in 2020.

Example Ronaldo:

The Portuguese soccer Cristiano Ronaldo likes to stage himself as Superman. Somehow he is - at least as far as his athletic ability is concerned. And, of course, if you expect someone to be totally down-to-earth as a millionaire, you might expect too much when it comes to strength of character. In any case, Ronaldo has no problem sharing his boundless enthusiasm for himself with the world: The winning pose suits him, he seems to have copied his styling from Ricky Martin, the shirts always half a size too tight and his thin hair with plenty of gel looks poodle-like, eccentric with glasses in his ears. On YouTube, psychologists even use him as an example of narcissism, and off the pitch he repeatedly causes confusion: the rape charges against Cristiano Ronaldo were not pursued in 2019. However, the case has not been resolved. In 2017 a surrogate mother made Ronaldo a twin dad. The reasons for this can only be speculated: Ronaldo does not want to commit himself to a woman in marriage and uses the modern surrogate mother's solution so that the mother of his children does not steal his hard-earned money? Perhaps Ronaldo is simply self-sufficient, his younger girlfriends more appearance than reality?

Style PASS online says: There is nothing wrong with vanity. If you need it, you should have it. The only problem would be the role model function, which seems strangely strange: the "brand" often only visible on pay TV, the hero abstract. Messi or Ronaldo, who is the most beautiful man in the whole country? Or is it "our" midfield strategist Toni Kroos, who strokes his head over precisely ordered hair before each free kick to check whether the hairstyle is suitable for television? By the way, he reveals a dilemma: the kicker, who challenges the balls in a similar way to "Effe" Effenberg and magically attracts them in the best moments, looks strangely pale in the national team. I wonder why? Quite simply because he does not have as good side players as he does with Real, at least when Joachim Löw, as he has done lately, plays defensively man against man.

It's a pity, because talent also needs the environment, otherwise it's wasted, Style PASS online is sure!

And once again the girls are setting a good example: "We don't need testicles, we have ponytails", the local national players chanted so refreshingly cheerfully and mockingly. Male icons, such as the Titan, may have had their ears ringing. Let's hope that Popp and Co. continue to keep their feet on the ground, because they are the true "heroes" in the commercialised soccer world.

Especially because they can kick so great and also be wonderfully self-ironic!

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