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One for all

Workers, academics, doctors, unemployed, artists, alcoholics, temperance fighters, Catholics, Evangelicals, Buddhists, Muslims, wimps, women's sympathizers, brainless, loving, sportsmen, cynics, homeless, astronauts, actors, Collectors, mudflat hikers, love quiffs, traffic offenders, politicians, philosophers, bores, dreamers, millionaires, lobbyists, snake charmers, nude bathers, campers, postmen, know-it-alls, futurologists, sociologists, Democrats, lion tamers, dog hairdressers, circumnavigators, inventors, do-gooders, nightwalkers, daydreamers, grandma's, teachers, children, distillers, beekeepers, influencers, vaccination opponents, pizza makers, pop singers, house builders, Scouts, bakery saleswomen, stigmatics, Nobel Prize winners, writers, gurus, pastors, secret service agents, mediators, public relations workers, underground tunnel builders - they all fit into one shoe. One that promises them detachment and autonomy, one that means uniform and at the same time promises individuality: under the clouds, but far above Manhattan or other skylines.

The soul dangles in the hammock, the fear of heights is defeated.

This is called freedom. Or is everything just an illusion?

Finding the right dogmas

Typically feminine? Not to say "no", to get the 5 project on the table, smiling and being reserved in salary negotiations. Jana Huth has specialised in coaching women, taking more time for herself and her needs, such as fitness.

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