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Women entrepreneurs are currently making it easier to be a parent with an app

Networking with kids

The easy-going name Mello belongs to a Family app for parents. This supports networking in the neighbourhood and beyond. Journalist Mirjam Bauer spoke to app developer Anna-Lena Gerber for Style PASS online.

What is the topic? First of all, "Mello" enables an uncomplicated mutual acquaintance: Mello like Hello! This is followed, for example, by alternating childcare, hobbies or leisure activities of the parents, playground visits with Families - and at best new friendships develop. "A kind of However, Mello is not a tinder for parents, but what is not, can certainly will still be. In any case, this function has already been requested," smiles Anna-Lena, co-founder of Mello.

An idea that inspires

The application was developed from the original startup "Siteinander" in 2017/8. The idea came from the twin sisters Henrike and Anna-Lena Gerber and the older sister Ulrike together with her two children Kids. After initial financing through an EXIST programme, today investors for the necessary capital. Two Appdesigners take care of the constant further development of the app to provide user feedback, error correction and support. Almost weekly there is an update of the so far cost-neutral functions. An extension with paid modules is planned.

Thus, the solution for Android and Apple has already proven itself internationally further developed. It is available in German and English. Around 10,000 parents had already registered for the official launch of Mello in August 2020, mainly in larger cities such as Berlin, Hamburg and Munich.

In addition, users from more distant regions such as London, for example. Around 80 per cent of users are female and around 20 percent male - the latter, however, is increasing.

Like-minded people find each other easily

After registration, parents indicate what they are looking for: playground meeting places, Parents' friends, mutual care or leisure tips - a newsfeed, to become aware of new parents or to register within a in a certain circle. All information is voluntary; the more you the easier it will be to find like-minded people. In this way you can Parents with children of the same age or with similar hobbies - for example soccer - select. Especially for working people, the available time frame is also an important criterion. Some can only be seen in the morning, others on Afternoon and still others want to spend the weekends, depending on Sleeping behaviour of the youngest, plan. Every fortnight, registered parents a current news feed. All data is secure, only after you have created a profile, you may not allow other mothers or fathers write to us. For example, the testers prescribed by Apple were immediately discovered and reported by attentive users, because they seem not to be met the usual criteria and responded: Mello can therefore look forward to an attentive community.

Especially in the current pandemic period with all its restrictions Mello the perfect digital option, especially for professional use of both parents, to get to know others and to strengthen the cohesion to strengthen. Because the distance caused by the virus does not invite you to person on the street more intensively.

Style PASS online asked Mirjam Bauer, herself a mother of three daughters, what she thinks of Mello?

"My daughters are almost all grown up, I would have liked to have such a portal wanted at that time. Usually parents were taught by chance in toddlers' groups, at children's gymnastics or in church. With Mello you can find early find out whether you tick similarly. What more do you want?"

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