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Matching point? Love and Sport!

A common hobby such as (women's) soccer can unite lovers - or even make for explosives when hearts are not beating for the same club. Style PASS online spoke with the managing director of the dating portal, Angela Gutser, about love and the role sport can play in it. The special thing about the portal? The users advertise for themselves with videos!

Style PASS online: Why do you think people in today's society need help tools like dating portals to find the right partner?

Angela Gutser: Internet dating portals are a modern-day achievement with growing acceptance, enabling us to meet people we would otherwise never have met. Such portals save time, searches can be targeted, anonymity is easy to overcome, rejection is minimized and easier to cope with - and at the same time it is exciting and thrilling: people with the same concern meet!

Style PASS online: Unlike other portals, focuses on videos in which the searchers can present themselves - what is the advantage here?

The advantage with us is that moving pictures show the facial expressions and charisma and you can hear the voice. This is unadulterated and natural! You can quickly get a first real impression of a potential partner. Only pictures and a few e-mails are far too virtual and not meaningful enough.

Style PASS online: That's enough?

Normally it takes only seconds to decide whether you like your counterpart - in a tenth of a second, to be precise. On our portal, searchers can quickly get a first impression of their counterpart.

Style PASS online: Your favorite hobby, such as soccer - a topic with which the video protagonists want to score points?

Especially when I pursue a hobby like soccer, I can film myself in my hobby and tell a few words about it. The enthusiasm I feel when I do so will be immediately felt by the other person and perhaps appeal to him or her. There's a big difference between writing "I'm an enthusiastic football player" and in a short video I playfully dribble the ball and say with a smile why I'm so enthusiastic about this sport.

Style PASS online: In interviews, you say that focuses on bringing people together who are interested in long-term relationships. Feedback from happy relationship offenders?

Of course we don't want to and cannot read any of the encrypted communication between members. But I'm sure that if two people get in touch with each other on our portal, this is a good basis for a long-term relationship. We get a lot of positive feedback from our members, which encourages me to have discovered a future-oriented market niche here.

Style PASS online: She watches women's soccer, he prefers hockey! How important are common interests from your point of view - market leaders in this field rely on "matching points", for example - for a long-term relationship?

Common interests are important, but in my opinion not decisive. So-called "Matching-Points" do not exist with us! In my case, when it comes to dating, I don't want to rely on a program that assigns my partner to me - I prefer to do that myself!

Many thanks for the interview

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