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Finding the right dogmas

Typically feminine? Not to say "no", to get the 5 project on the table, smiling and being reserved in salary negotiations. Jana Huth has specialised in coaching women, taking more time for herself and her needs, such as fitness.

Style PASS online: Studies have shown to this day: women are underrepresented in management positions and tend to earn less than their male colleagues, what's the reason?

Jana Huth: I think women are not necessarily underrepresented, women have a different appearance and therefore sometimes stand out less. It already starts with the higher voice pitch. Men have a much lower and therefore more expressive voice frequency and a completely different appearance than women. Men act rationally according to facts, women act more according to their "gut feeling" - but also according to facts. This often makes them smile, but they almost always have the right nose when it comes to making decisions.

The reason why women earn less in the same job is that there is always a different role model. Women's work performance is still seen as inferior. It is said that women are less educated, less mentally and physically resilient. Which is no longer true today. In salary negotiations, women are more reserved and change jobs less often. Nevertheless, women are no less flexible than men.

Style PASS online: You coach women on the topic of "drawing boundaries" and "self-confidence". What are the most frequent challenges for your coachees?

The biggest challenge is that women take the time for their body that it needs - this is the only way they can access 100 percent of their performance.

Most of the women who come to me for coaching want to gain more energy, performance and a better attitude towards it. In addition, there are the general fitness goals - balance at work, more strength (muscles in the back) and endurance.

Style PASS online: Sport is not everything?

Exactly! After all, it's not just about physical goals, but only if "woman" has the right mindset can she achieve her physical goals. I have been at home in the fitness world for over 15 years and have been able to gain a great deal of insight and experience in the world of "women as managers", as self-employed and as entrepreneurs.

Often, when they book appointments with me, they already start to take the appointments. Often something comes up in the job and the woman rarely says "no".

Women have to learn to draw boundaries earlier and to say "no" more often. When they do, however, they are often told that they are "bitchy" or not "cooperative".

Style PASS online: The free economy, the evil men's world with its roped parties and unwritten laws. Should women, in order to be successful, adapt or advise themselves to their own ways and individual solutions?

I think that every woman should go her own way and always find individual solutions.

We want to have all people around us who do their work authentically and with a lot of fun, only then can we meet every challenge that comes our way in life. What would would it bring us women if we adapted to the male world and were no longer women?

Style PASS online: What role does fitness play in mental strength?

Mental strength for me means that I focus on my goal, whether on the job or in training. No matter what our goal is, we want to achieve it, and that includes attitude and mental strength.

If I want to run a marathon, then I work towards it and train, prepare myself. I don't stop in the middle and say "well then I'll run a half marathon, it's better than nothing". Aborting or giving up has in most cases something to do with lack of discipline and willpower.

Often it is limiting beliefs that prevent us from being successful, they are exemplified by our parents, teachers, partners, colleagues, but are they ALWAYS true?

To be successful, one should change negative thoughts and negative attitudes.

Confucius said:

"Pay attention to your thoughts, because they become words. Pay attention to your words, because they become actions. Pay attention to your actions because they become habits. Watch your habits because they become your character. Watch your character, for it will become your destiny.

Style PASS online: What is your personal opinion on the subject of "Willpower"?

Every time you give up your goal, you think of yourself negatively and believe yourself that you cannot do it.

Giving up has not been an option for me in life. With positive thoughts and a positive attitude towards all challenges, you overcome your own limits and for me that is mental strength, which we all need in all areas of life, whether in training or at work.

Style PASS online: You have specialised in "female entrepreneurs". So you would think that these are self-confident power women who don't need any help?

They are all self-confident power women, otherwise they wouldn't be where they are today. Why shouldn't women who are entrepreneurs also get an expert at their side to help them achieve their personal, specific training goals, quickly and without detours? Because "time is money" for the power women too. Regardless of which area you work in, you get help these days to become more successful in your business. If I need help for mental strength, I can go to a mental coach. If I have something to do with my heart, I go to a cardiologist and not to a general practitioner.

Style PASS online: Were there any personal experiences that made you want to work as a coach?

I believe that everyone is predetermined what purpose their own existence has. There has never been a single experience that made me want to go the way of a personal trainer.

It is the experiences I have been able to gather over the years that have made me want to develop further, although I must say that I am still far from where I would like to be.

It has taken me a very long time to find my own way. Today I can fully concentrate on my work. To pursue my fulfilment and personal passion to help people to develop their strengths even more and thereby minimise their weaknesses!

"I don't give advice!

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