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Women entrepreneurs are currently making it easier to be a parent with an app

Networking with kids

The easy-going name Mello belongs to a Family app for parents. This supports networking in the neighbourhood and beyond. Journalist Mirjam Bauer spoke to app developer Anna-Lena Gerber for Style PASS online.

Style PASS online about excessive vanity in professional soccer

The country needs beautiful men: Stylish, well-trained, gel in their hair, power in their pants! Sometimes it seems as if the top macho-man has survived in the soccer world in 2020.

Matching point? Love and Sport!

A common hobby such as (women's) soccer can unite lovers - or even make for explosives when hearts are not beating for the same club. Style PASS online spoke with the managing director of the dating portal, Angela Gutser, about love and the role sport can play in it. The special thing about the portal? The users advertise for themselves with videos!

The author Paula Franke has thought about why female football players are simply authentic in love

Love in times of football

Who equates love and sport is anything but wrong.

These two disciplines have a lot in common. There are the physical side effects such as increased heart rate, the release of exhilarating messenger substances, derailed emotions in victory or defeat or the almost unbearable tension.