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The author Paula Franke has thought about why female football players are simply authentic in love

Love in times of football

Who equates love and sport is anything but wrong.

These two disciplines have a lot in common. There are the physical side effects such as increased heart rate, the release of exhilarating messenger substances, derailed emotions in victory or defeat or the almost unbearable tension.

Hungry for titles

The "Wolf Women" set the pace in the women's soccer Bundeslig

The Bavarians are pissed. Spoiled for success in men's football, they have to watch enviously as the women of VFL Wolfsburg take the butter off their bread almost every season and have declared war on the wolves. They have won the DFB Cup six times in a row (seven times in total), even if it was only in the dramatic penalty shoot-out against the brave women from Essen; and they have added four championships in a row to their tally, a total of six titles. The Champions League has also been won twice, with trophies piling up in the display case.

Text: E. Britsch

Burnout only in nurses?

The well-known physician and psychotherapist Dr. Mirriam Prieß has already written books about burnout (Burnout does not only come from stress; Südwest Verlag, 2013) They don't play in the beautiful, healthy football world, but Prieß knows that burnout is not uncommon in professional sports either - we spoke to her about the development of burnout, a possible way to deal with the disease and why women are at risk in football?


The questions were asked by Style PASS editor Eva Britsch