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We talked with Ann-Kathrin Lindner

"We bring performance and passion"

Golf is her profession. But football is her passion. Style PASS spoke with professional golfer Ann-Kathrin Lindner. Because there are sporty and successful women not only in women's football.


Style PASS: On Facebook you can be seen wearing a full body compression suit!

Ann-Kathrin Lindner: ... who helped me a lot during the flight to a tournament in Australia. I was fit like a sneaker after the 36 hours long journey.

Style PASS: And in addition, a few Euros came into your account like in a flash.

I have contracts with my outfitters, but my advertising income is limited. That's no different in golf than in football. Women have a much lower media presence than men. Therefore it is more difficult to find sponsors and advertising partners.


Michael Ernst nods. Ernst, one of about one hundred employees of the St. Leon Rot Golf Club, the number one sport in Germany, is the manager of Ann-Kathrin Lindner. He says: "The conditions at Anka are ideal. She is ambitious, fresh, fresh, and bubbling with joie de vivre."


Style PASS: Ms. Lindner, you hear what your manager says, do you think it's unfair that your male colleagues sometimes collect millions?

In a way, yes. We also perform well, are passionate about our work, and make an enormous effort. I train up to eight hours a day. I often get up at 4:30 in the morning. We wouldn't allow ourselves to appear as arrogant in interviews as some professional footballers. Women athletes are expected to perform well, look good and smile as much as possible.

Style PASS: You have chosen to play golf and not football, although you say that football is a "very deep passion".

I never played soccer with dolls when I was a girl, only with the boys. I was better than the boys, but when I was asked to train in Barsinghausen, 70 kilometers from home, my parents could not drive me.


My father founded his own company near Hannover as a medical technician, my mother runs an animal boarding house. Ann-Kathrin inherited the entrepreneurial spirit. As a professional golfer, she runs a one-woman business with a considerable turnover. She has to hotel, flight, Ann-Kathrin Lindner is a determined woman. After graduating from high school, the average mark of 3.0 she mentions with a slight blush, she trained as a sports and fitness merchant at the Burgdorf Golf Club. Maybe she still wants to study sports management, could also imagine becoming manager of a football team. But at 27 she is only at the beginning of her golf career. In Europe she is ranked 48th, in the world 211th. With the St. Leon-Rot Golf Club she became German and European Champion.


Style PASS: Ms Lindner, what else would you like to achieve?

The Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in two years' time would be a great thing, but perhaps they are still too early. If I manage the jump to America, where only two German women are playing at the moment, I can earn a lot more. But I still have time. The nice thing about golf is that women can still play it until their late forties or early fifties.


In an earlier interview, Anka had answered the question of who she definitely did not want to get stuck in the elevator with: Tiger Woods. Style PASS betrayed her: I understood the question as follows: "Who do you want to get stuck in an elevator with?


Unmistakably our last round. It's like a golf swing after swing. Short questions, partly taken from the FAZ questionnaire - with the request for short answers.

Which characteristic do you value most in a man?


And what quality in a woman?


What would be the greatest misfortune for you?


Her main characteristic:


What is the most forgivable thing in the world?


What do you detest the most?


Your favorite heroines?

Everyone who helps people.

What comes after sports?

Coach, manager or something completely different: An espresso bar on the Australian Gold Coast.

The journalist Wolfgang Brück conducted the interview