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Three questions for Julia Simic.

Julia Simic is Germany's best-known gamer with over 127,000 "Gefällt-mir" entries on the social network Facebook. Style PASS matched the current FA Women's Super League match in England at West Ham United between training and Facebook maintenance to three quick questions.



Style PASS: You are the most famous player in Germany on the social networks. Does that honour you?

Julia Simic: Of course it honours me. Of course I also share private insights on Facebook and, I think, people want that too. It's not only about posting how often we train, but also about reporting about all the other stuff. To inspire young girls interested in soccer and all the activities are fun for me. That is also my recipe for success and gives me a lot in return.


Style PASS: What free-kick tricks did you learn from Müller and Co.

During the season we don't really attach great importance to studying free-kick tricks. Sure, you can always put that into a unit, but then it should work and it usually doesn't in the game anyway.


Style PASS: You have a free choice: Sepp Blatter, Lothar Matthäus and Bastian Schweinsteiger want to have a coffee with you on the same day - who would you choose - and why?

I would choose Schweini. With Lothar Matthäus I would have to worry too much about myself **laughs**. No, that was of course fun. Sepp Blatter is a bit too stiff for me, that would be an exhausting conversation and it wouldn't have to be. You can have a good chat with Schweinsteiger, he's a nice guy I know a little from my Munich days. After all, he was always someone who inquired about the condition or once ate in the canteen with the basketball players or the women's team.

The questions were asked by sports journalist Finn Clausen

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