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"Sport and art - the ideal combination for me"

Gender issues, unequal pay for women in sport and, last but not least, stupid slogans that women's soccer still gets here and there: The Swiss player Rachel Rinast does not leave it cold. In an interview with Style PASS online, you can see how bitter she is about injustice, but also how much she enjoys sport. Rinast seems to go her own way: She encounters nonsense with witty repartee, irony and other rhetorical precision landings - it is clear that she has a second passion besides sport: comedy!

Style PASS online: Successfully on the ball and now and then you also do comedy or rap. What is more fun?

Rachel Rinast: I have never rapped! I like to do both: music, entertainment and soccer, these are my two passions. So far, soccer is my job and everything else is "on the side". I have been playing since I was 4 years old.

Style PASS online: On Wikipedia there is talk of a collaboration with a rapper.

Yes, but I sang there!

Style PASS online: The following question clearly follows: Who is your role model in soccer and which artistically?

Unfortunately I have to disappoint you. I never had role models!

Style PASS online: That is not a disappointment. If it is so, then it is so!

I started playing when I was 4 years old and never had female soccers as a role model. I didn't know how to play because I had played with boys. I came to soccer through my best friend *laughs* in kindergarten! I always had rather male soccers, who I found cool.

Style PASS online: Goalkeeper Almuth Schult criticised "People don't know our faces!“ Do you agree with this, or are you, also due to your Instagram engagement, often enough asked for an autograph in "normal" life?

In any case I would join Almuth. The comparability in terms of media presence is not there, you don't even have to compare yourself with the men. Germany has overslept the last ten years or, to put it more aggressively, "simply didn't feel like it". In England much more is being done for women, especially in the media. It is becoming less and less interesting for female players to stay in Germany.

Style PASS online: In 2015, you were appointed by coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg to the Swiss national team for the first time for the Algarve Cup. Today Voss-Tecklenburg coaches the German women. What things do you associate with Martina Voss-Tecklenburg?

She's a good coach, she has a lot of professional understanding, I also think she brings new momentum to the DFB, I think she will achieve a lot with the team, also because she has a good feeling for young talent. I think she will be a real tear-jerker.

Style PASS online: The other day, DER SPIEGEL magazine made a salary comparison between men and women in soccer: 1.8 million for men in the first division versus 36,000 euros for women in the first division in Germany/year. Have you always felt fairly paid in your career?

No, certainly not! Somehow I chose to, I could have quit soccer.

Style PASS online: What kept you in the game?

The passion for sport. I always wanted to become a soccer. Of course the sport is completely underpaid. In men's soccer, much more money is made through merchandising. The whining about payment is of course true, but it doesn't get us anywhere - you just have to change things. But that is not being done. It is patted on the back when men have done so much that women can buy food and pay their rent. Men are completely overpaid in soccer. A doctor who helps in the Third World certainly does more than a sportsman.

Style PASS online: The work of a nurse is certainly more systemically relevant than entertainment through sport.

Maybe I am too socialistic *laughs*

Style PASS online: I did not want to classify your view as "socialist".

I think the Swedes' approach is great: men play and the money goes to the women. We need the men!

Style PASS online: Men and women should be on the same level?

Yes, but it is simply not socially seen as such so far.

Style PASS online: Women's soccer still has the smell of "charity event" here and there.

*Laughs* Are only women!

Style PASS online: Men should think about how they want to be seen today?

Definitely. It is already in many formulations and education: "You hit like a girl!" Yes, I "hit like a girl!", yes that's right, but I am a girl! One tries to break it all up, but it is also deeply in the minds of many boys.

Style PASS online: I don't want to defend machos.

Many people just don't question themselves. Women are sexualised in the media and in comedy it also annoys me. Especially women in comedy talk a lot about sex. I find that sad. Can a woman only have experience when she speaks about sex offensively?

Style PASS online: There we have the strong, perky woman when she talks about sex, but when she talks about politics, she is no longer successful?

Exactly. Certain topics are simply "women's issues". I criticise our society.

Style PASS online: Do you orientate yourself on role models or does Rachel Rinast do it the way she thinks it is right?

I am only just starting in the comedy section. I am me and I tell stories from my point of view. I already play with clichés. There is one thing I don't want to do: whine about the fact that women are not taken seriously. I don't want that and I don't want to be labelled as a "bitter old woman". And some clichés are true: I prefer to look at men than women - I think they should wear much tighter jerseys *laughs*!

I also generally don't understand why you have to compare men with women. That makes little sense to me. With my comedy I want to sensitize people, about humour!

Style PASS online: The women perform in training and games, go to work, study or do an apprenticeship on the side. What more should the women do to get the same recognition as the men?

*laughs* cooking and cleaning!

Style PASS online: At Wikipedia you can read that you are a practising Jew. Sports, football, politics and religion, sometimes it's hard to separate all of these - have you ever had bad experiences in this respect?

I have never had bad experiences in sport itself, although I am more Jewish, but not a strict practising Jew. I've always played well with women of different religions, including Muslim women. However, I was in Israel once and shared photos on my Instagram account: There I got some hate messages in the direction of "Pro Palestine", although I didn't comment on Israeli politics at all.

Style PASS online: What are your personal goals that you still want to achieve?

Actually I would like to do more in the entertainment field and win more fans. I feel the urge to get in front of the camera and on stage. I would like to continue combining this with football. Soccer and art, that is combined far too rarely.

And soccer-wise: Passing the qualification with my national team for the European Championship.

Before all the soccer entertainment, my absolute focus is on the rebirth with FC, in other words my sporting achievements!

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