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Off to the island

Too bad for Wolfsburg, good for Chelsea: Pernille Harder, the blonde Danish woman with the insatiable appetite for success, has "made it across" to the island. There her goals are needed, with which she spoiled the local german women's soccer Bundesliga. Twice, in 2017/18 and 2019/20, she was top scorer, Germany's Soccer of the Year (2020), Europe's Soccer of the Year (2018, 2020), Europe's Striker of the Year (2020) and the English magazine The Guardian named her its World Soccer of the Year.

The Chelsea Women's Soccer Club is based in Fulham but is organisationally linked to the famous Chelsea FC. Roman Abramowitsch has already pumped over a billion (pounds, euros, dollars, rube, whatever) into the club, and Style PASS hopes that the women's section will also see some money gifts. It is international, and of course plays in the Champions League. In midfield, Pernille Harder will meet the German Melanie Leupolz, and in defence she hopes for the skills of Swedish Magdalena Ericsson. She is privately with her, which may have encouraged her preference for Chelsea.

Style PASS wishes good luck, and to the "Wölfinnen" that they can compensate for Pernille Harder's departure. After all, the Bavarian women are hungry too and are waiting for any enemy weakness.

"Sport and art - the ideal combination for me"

Gender issues, unequal pay for women in sport and, last but not least, stupid slogans that women's soccer still gets here and there: The Swiss player Rachel Rinast does not leave it cold. In an interview with Style PASS online, you can see how bitter she is about injustice, but also how much she enjoys sport. Rinast seems to go her own way: She encounters nonsense with witty repartee, irony and other rhetorical precision landings - it is clear that she has a second passion besides sport: comedy!

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