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Style PASS about a modelling lucky guy

Lucky Hailey

There are people who seem to have luck all to themselves. American model Hailey Bieber may be one of them: Successful model despite being only 1.71 metres tall. Instagram star and fashion icon.

Hailey has been booked for campaigns for well-known labels such as Versace. She is firmly anchored in the New York It-girl clique, and the former bully Justin Bieber seems to be eating out of her hand and recently put a ring on her slender finger.

Style PASS took a closer look at her recipe for success.

One thing is for sure: the 25-year-old radiates aplomb. This may be due to the fact that she was born into the "business" and has already had to endure quite a bit of criticism: Her father is Stephen Baldwin, the rather unsuccessful of the four Baldwin brothers in terms of acting, who has already caused a lot of astonishment due to his somewhat crass religiosity.

Hailey is also religious.

This goes down well in the USA, and Justin also professes to go to church regularly and to seek advice from above here and there when he has another artistic crisis or thinks too much about ex-girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Hailey is always faithfully by his side: Always expertly trimmed and strikingly styled. Her styling ranges from belly-less to glitter to the oversize clothes she is known for, like broad-shouldered leather jackets. This may not be to everyone's taste, but Hailey is always beaming with her ringed fingers and earlobes and finds enough followers on social media to emulate her.

Has she already helped with her beauty?

In the USA, it's not uncommon to start with fillers and nose jobs at an early age. Hailey vehemently denies this, even though her lips look strikingly plump and her nose finely pointed.

In interviews she is reflective and always respectful, every now and then she apologises on Instagram when she allegedly wasn't nice to a restaurant waitress, and when Justin is criticised for treating her badly, a well-worded denial from Hailey follows the next day at the latest.

For some, this may be too much sunshine. The cuddle photos with Justin may come across as a bit churlish here and there, and when Hailey gets out the cowboy hat, one wonders when she will finally release the first song with Dolly Parton.

Next career with "Rhode

She currently enriches her portfolio with Youtube videos in which she interviews nice girls who are also modelling or designing in her bathroom and eats their favourite dish with them. Make-up videos can of course also be found on Youtube - the perfect basis for her make-up line "Rhode", which is Hailey's middle name, will soon be launched.

Style PASS wishes Super-Hailey continued success!

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