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Player's wives - what exactly is that?

Handbag alarm!

Who or what is a players wife? The definition is actually quite simple: A "player's wife" is a woman who is married to a professional soccer player. As a rule, she is quite pretty, she always appears well and expensively dressed to look good when she cheers on her husband from the stands if he runs across the field.

Sometimes, yes sometimes, the players' wives of the world resist her image as a pretty appendage to a successful man. They suddenly start talking about their talents and their lives away from the stands and that, sure enough, they wouldn't just be interested in expensive handbags.

Style PASS online has taken a look around the player women scene for you!

Sylvie Meis. Sylvie Meis is now known as a moderator and influencer, but was once married to the successful player Raphael van der Vaart and they have a son from the marriage, who now also kicks. Recently, the pretty, mostly well-tanned and blonde-haired Sylvie attracted attention when she sublet her second apartment in Hamburg, which she used as an extended closet. On her Instagram account she advertises cosmetics and laughs into the camera in mostly not quite natural poses. An expensive handbag is then just as obligatory as plenty of glitter powder on her face and body. Besides, she speaks several languages and soon marries an artist named Niclas Castello. Good luck, Style PASS online wishes the clever Sylvie, even without a soccer player at her side, and even if she wouldn't need her swank look.

Cathy Fischer, meanwhile Hummels. Cathy Fischer is also an influencer and probably the best known player's wife at the moment, since she is married to central defender Mats Julian Hummels. Mats and Cathy apparently complement each other well when it comes to spending as much money as possible on the most tasteless clothing. Cathy runs around belly-free even when she's 30, and Mats shines in a white suit after Google research and has grown a beard that would make him look like Shakespeare's "Merchant of Venice". Ruches, patterns, lacings, color explosions, and, of course, expensive handbags, Cathy busily dresses up for her Instagram Channel every day. Whatever you like is allowed and so Cathy does yoga, cooks partly vegan food and is sometimes considered to be remarkably thin, which she explains with stomach infections. The love of the two Instagram fetishists is crowned by a son named "Ludwig" - the name is derived from Old High German hlût, meaning "loud, audible, known, famous“. Well, that fits! Style PASS online wishes the German Beckhams continued fun spending money!

And now we come to the mother of all player women, "Posh Spice" aka Victoria Beckham. The brunette Englishwoman used to be a member of the Spice Girls, David Beckham, playing for Manchester United at the time, the exotic mix of entrepreneur's daughter and playback leather slut apparently stimulated in such a way that after the swank wedding, he first fathered three boys with creative names (Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz) and then another daughter with Victoria. The marriage of the two has lasted for 21 years now. Allegedly, David's turtle affairs with strangers, a move to the USA and Victoria's ambitions to not only store for bags herself (she allegedly owns a luxury bag collection worth six figures), but to found her own fashion label. Her own business went into the red and Victoria even had to rationalize the plants in her office. Oh man! But Vic will certainly come up with something to keep the jammed audience and Becks on the go.

Style PASS online says: "Girls, paying attention to your appearance is certainly desirable, but is chicky still really cool today? Style PASS likes natural girls!


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