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First Disney, then art

America, you big, wide country, you need your dreams as well as the illusion that they are realisable for everyone. You need your stars, your stories of people who start at the bottom and finish at the top.

And, yes, these stories do exist in the land of opportunity. Selena Gomez, the young singer, songwriter and actress perhaps embodies the American dream like no other - she started out as a saccharine child star in Disney productions - today she is a successful singer who collaborates on many of her sensitive and rhythmically on point songs - her latest album "Rare" landed right at the top of the charts, smart marketing via Selena's popular Instagram page included, but Selena keeps herself down to earth as usual: "All I really want is for you to enjoy the music and spread the love. "

"Rare" has been preceded by treatments for depression, a kidney transplant and publicised heartbreak with teen star Justin Bieber. Selena has been through a lot and her fans have suffered along with her, no wonder they're excited about her artistic output.

On closer inspection, Selena has more surprises in store than her pretty façade of brunette beauty would suggest. For one thing, there is her family history: she was born in July 1992 as the only child of an Italian-American and a Mexican. Her wavy mane and interesting face, round and with warm brown eyes, bear witness to the successful culture clash, but her parents separated when Selena was a small child, she grew up with her mother and had two smaller half-siblings.

And somehow it was destined, by fate or higher powers, that she would be able to touch her fans with her songs. Selena is named after the charismatic Tejano singer Selena Quintanilla-Pérez. She died young in the mid-90s, shot by her disgraced manager, and is still one of the most popular singers on the American Latino scene.

But Selena Gomez doesn't let herself be pigeonholed as a Latino starlet; she works with many different producers and colleagues, such as Marshmello or Finneas.

She deals with her break-up with colleague Justin Bieber, who elopes with the blonde All-American girl Hailey Baldwin, scion of the actor-brother-Baldwin community, and even marries her, in her songs, and her fans are sure: Justin will love her forever, even if he traded her in for a blonde who can't hold a candle to her artistically.

"In two months you replaced us - Like it was so easy" she sings in her song "Lose you to love me" and accuses her ex of blaming her for the failure of their relationship, only to come to the realisation: "I had to hate you to love myself!"

Her fans love her, Justin or no Justin, and Style PASS is happy to recommend Selena Gomez's album "Rare" to you.

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