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Eccentric, beautiful, successful

Her life is a roller coaster. Dizzying heights, steep setbacks; violent centrifugal forces tug at her, but sometimes the pendulum comes to a halt and life gets into calmer waters. Hope Solo, she just celebrated her 39. birthday, became mother of twins in March. Great, beautiful, lucky, especially since she had already suffered a twin miscarriage before. An American dream comes true, or at least is projected into her person.

Because the way up to the Olympus as the acknowledged best goalkeeper in women's soccer the world has ever seen and admired was hard. Paved with excessive outbursts. Parties impregnated with alcohol, family fights (the proceedings came to nothing because of "uncooperative behaviour of witnesses"), bad words about coaches, which led to the temporary kick-out from the national team. But this makes her personality all the more spectacular, since she managed to make it to the top from unfavourable circumstances. Icon of all those who also dream of taking their life in their hands and celebrating success.

And she is beautiful!

Has shown her beauty in nude photos, has performed in "Let's Dance", and again has clear ideas about how it will continue. Her new home should be near a major airport and at the same time on the waterfront. Because her husband Jerramy, as a former football player and a chunk of man, loves to fish.

He has also contributed a - in retrospect rather funny and bizarre - punch line to the life of the Hope Solo. The night before the wedding he spent in prison for domestic violence. Handcuffed and taken away. But Hope Solo forgave him and still married him. Eight years ago. Many marriages in the glamour land of America don't last that long. Speaking of prison: Hope Solo was conceived in prison when her alcoholic mother visited her husband who was incarcerated there. He, a Vietnam veteran, couldn't cope with life after the war. Like so many of his comrades, whose traumas are no longer taken care of by the country so proud of its flag. His last camp was in the forest under a blue canvas.

But Hope Solo never banned him from her life, she carried his ashes in a small urn to the tournaments, some of the dust she scattered in her gate at a world championship.

Superstitious? She is world champion, multiple Olympic champion, at some international tournaments she kept her box completely clean. Even the top. Once her coach replaced her, but her rival failed on several occasions Hope Solo was in demand. Only the later national coach Pia Sundhage "pardoned" her, and she found back to her old strength.

Even through doping?

Once she was warned by the national anti-doping agency, "Canrenon" was found in her urine; this has a diuretic effect, but at that time it also served to conceal other remedies. It's been a long time. 202 times she wore the national jersey of the USA. That too is a worldwide record.

The young Hope Solo started out as a striker, of course with an extreme hit rate. When she was 13, her coach put her in goal because he saw even more potential in this athlete. He was right, the exceptional talent held the ball, was loved and also hated.

This is also the fate of people who speak the truth.

Style PASS online wishes the wonderful Hope Amelia Stevens, her birth name, "Good Luck" on her further path in life.

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