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In 2014, the journalist Eckhard Britsch took a look at the charismatic coach Carolina Morace

Charisma that inspires!

Some men may not realize it, but they have been living in matriarchy for a long time. Woman leads the command, man washes the dishes. Not even DAX board members are safe from her, and even his role as a companion is increasingly fading.


Oh, boys!

"We are back... who?" was the title of the SPIEGEL in the summer, one day after the German national team had finally won the world championship title. For the fourth time in the history of football.


Author Hannah Lühmann on the down-to-earth nature of national player Thomas Müller

"I'm a fighter heart!"

The then 23-year-old Alexandra Popp from VfL Wolfsburg was voted "Footballer of the Year" by sports journalists and interviewed in the first issue of Style PASS Print. In an interview with Style PASS, she gave insights into her life next to the green and why everything runs smoothly for her in Wolfsburg.


The questions were asked by Style PASS-Publisher Eva Britsch

Style PASS celebrity interview

We talked with Ann-Kathrin Lindner

"We bring performance and passion"

Golf is her profession. But football is her passion. Style PASS spoke with professional golfer Ann-Kathrin Lindner. Because there are sporty and successful women not only in women's football.


The journalist Wolfgang Brück conducted the interview