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Interview with Alexandra Popp:

Relaxed dealing with expectations

The likeable and successful player Alex Popp from Vfl Wolfsburg has a relaxed attitude towards competitive sports and life itself. But, maybe that is the secret of her success. Style PASS online spoke to "Alex" after the lost Champions League final - there was no sign of bad mood.

Player's wives - what exactly is that?

Handbag alarm!

Who or what is a players wife? The definition is actually quite simple: A "player's wife" is a woman who is married to a professional soccer player. As a rule, she is quite pretty, she always appears well and expensively dressed to look good when she cheers on her husband from the stands if he runs across the field.

National hero Manuel Neuer has bad press

Talk, silence, sing

"Si tacuisses, philosophus mansisses" is a somewhat mean Latin phrase which translates as: "If you had kept quiet, you would have remained a philosopher!"

So some people should better shut up, look interested and then nod when others say something clever. For their own good!

Three questions for Julia Simic.

Julia Simic is Germany's best-known gamer with over 127,000 "Gefällt-mir" entries on the social network Facebook. Style PASS matched the current FA Women's Super League match in England at West Ham United between training and Facebook maintenance to three quick questions.



The questions were asked by sports journalist Finn Clausen