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With clarity to success

She has lived and worked on different continents and is currently establishing herself with Carfellows in a male-dominated industry: Nina Geiss, CEO and co-founder of the Berlin start-up. In an interview with Style PASS online, she smiles about being the only woman on the podium at an automobile congress soon. We talked to her about being a woman and her career, current trends in car buying and what she thinks about women's soccer?

"We carry the lion on our chest!"

At 1860-Munich, Girlpower is now the order of the day: the traditional club has not yet had a women's team. This is now set to change - Style PASS online spoke with the initiators Hannah Conrad and Veronika Seemann about the current push and the approach in terms of "Women's soccer with the Lions!“

Interview with Alexandra Popp:

Relaxed dealing with expectations

The likeable and successful player Alex Popp from Vfl Wolfsburg has a relaxed attitude towards competitive sports and life itself. But, maybe that is the secret of her success. Style PASS online spoke to "Alex" after the lost Champions League final - there was no sign of bad mood.

Player's wives - what exactly is that?

Handbag alarm!

Who or what is a players wife? The definition is actually quite simple: A "player's wife" is a woman who is married to a professional soccer player. As a rule, she is quite pretty, she always appears well and expensively dressed to look good when she cheers on her husband from the stands if he runs across the field.