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"Sport and art - the ideal combination for me"

Gender issues, unequal pay for women in sport and, last but not least, stupid slogans that women's soccer still gets here and there: The Swiss player Rachel Rinast does not leave it cold. In an interview with Style PASS online, you can see how bitter she is about injustice, but also how much she enjoys sport. Rinast seems to go her own way: She encounters nonsense with witty repartee, irony and other rhetorical precision landings - it is clear that she has a second passion besides sport: comedy!

A self-determined life

The name contains her programme: Megan Rapinoe, the soccer, is simply "mega". In her sport she has achieved everything that can be won,

With clarity to success

She has lived and worked on different continents and is currently establishing herself with Carfellows in a male-dominated industry: Nina Geiss, CEO and co-founder of the Berlin start-up. In an interview with Style PASS online, she smiles about being the only woman on the podium at an automobile congress soon. We talked to her about being a woman and her career, current trends in car buying and what she thinks about women's soccer?

"We carry the lion on our chest!"

At 1860-Munich, Girlpower is now the order of the day: the traditional club has not yet had a women's team. This is now set to change - Style PASS online spoke with the initiators Hannah Conrad and Veronika Seemann about the current push and the approach in terms of "Women's soccer with the Lions!“