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First Disney, then art

America, you big, wide country, you need your dreams as well as the illusion that they are realisable for everyone. You need your stars, your stories of people who start at the bottom and finish at the top.

Strong, weak Romy

Biographies have been published about her, films have been made about her life, they paint the picture of a strong-willed woman, a gifted actress, yet fractures are part of her path to unforgettableness.

Style PASS editor Eva Britsch reflected on Romy Schneider

"The Woman, the Miracle"

Sure, opinionated, humorous, that's how Antje Sievers not only comes across on her Facebook page when she actively opposes prostitution, but also in a conversation with Style PASS online, where she talks about her current novel, "Die Judenmadonna". It is an ambitious novel project, for which she has done a lot of research and taken herself back into past times. The novel deals with the ugly sides of religion, not a love monkey, but something for romantics who not only want to be entertained, but who are also interested in a serious look at history.

My God, Maradona!

Although 250,000 people live in Lanus, Argentina, Lanus is only a suburb of the metropolis of Buenos Aires. The townscape of this suburb is characterised by numerous slums, the Villa Miserias. There, in Villa Frorito, Diego Maradona grew up.