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Boss on the island of the blissful

A proposal in Germany has just been thrown into the political arena again to oblige large companies to impose a quota: More women on the boards. At the moment, just one woman has made it to CEO, Belén Garijo, and the pharmaceutical and chemical company Merck is allowed to adorn itself with the pioneering role.

Eccentric, beautiful, successful

Her life is a roller coaster. Dizzying heights, steep setbacks; violent centrifugal forces tug at her, but sometimes the pendulum comes to a halt and life gets into calmer waters. Hope Solo, she just celebrated her 39. birthday, became mother of twins in March. Great, beautiful, lucky, especially since she had already suffered a twin miscarriage before. An American dream comes true, or at least is projected into her person.

The journalist Eckhard Britsch is fascinated by Hope Solo

First Disney, then art

America, you big, wide country, you need your dreams as well as the illusion that they are realisable for everyone. You need your stars, your stories of people who start at the bottom and finish at the top.

Strong, weak Romy

Biographies have been published about her, films have been made about her life, they paint the picture of a strong-willed woman, a gifted actress, yet fractures are part of her path to unforgettableness.

Style PASS editor Eva Britsch reflected on Romy Schneider