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Imagine that there is a girl. A girl, pretty and confident, with an aura like the setting sun over the hills of California. She wears ripped shorts and cowboy boots, wears her hair casually shaggy, climbs on the bonnet of a car, hops on it and starts singing!

Clear view of emotions

The likeable quarter-Swiss, quarter-Austrian and half-Italian  Daniela Porcelli became a photographer when she started playing women's soccer.
she is actually a banker. The fact that you don't get rich taking pictures of women's doesn't stop the clever photographer from going her own way. Style PASS
spoke with her about the sport and why emotions often run high behind her lens.

„A lot of things have to fit together for a successful career!“

Currently, Nicole Billa from Austria is really taking off in Hoffenheim. The twenty-something is determined and not only talented on the ball - she is also a kickboxer. Style PASS spoke to the likeable Billa about sport and what else interests her in life.

"No comment!"

Style PASS would have loved to ask Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, who is stepping down as chairman of Bayern Munich this year, a few questions - about his career, his opinion on women's soccer and a few other, certainly presumptuous topics. The press office in Munich turned him down. Why? Style PASS is over-questioning, our questions were certainly not unreasonable, and we had even provided Munich with them in advance. But just make up your own mind.

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