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Style PASS about a modelling lucky guy

Lucky Hailey

There are people who seem to have luck all to themselves. American model Hailey Bieber may be one of them: Successful model despite being only 1.71 metres tall. Instagram star and fashion icon.

Style PASS on a Hollywood icon who wasn't always well-behaved

Rita is not always "decent“

"Gilda? Are you decent?" - The casino owner hesitates before opening the door. He wants to introduce his newlywed to the new manager, but is not sure if she is decently dressed. Yet "decent" has a broader meaning than just to be dressed „well“. "Decent" can mean the clothes, but also the character of a person. This double-meaning of the word refers - how could it be otherwise - especially to the world of women. So Style PASS introduces you to Hollywood icon Rita Hayworth - the scene comes from her cult film "Gilda", which made her unforgettable.

For Style PASS, author Holger Badura explores a real diva.

Briton Vivienne Westwood turned 80

When will she finally design for female soccers?

What was that again about these people who can't be pigeonholed? They are quickly seen as eccentric, creative, independent, sometimes perhaps even "difficult", but of course they are reluctant to compromise, preferring to set their own standards.

"Soccer can also be abused"

Steffi Jones - the soccer born in Frankfurt am Main in 1972 is something of an icon with her successes, including with the German national team. Things didn't go quite ideally for Jones when she took on responsibility as a coach - but that's history. Today, the smart Jones deals with completely different topics and Style PASS had the opportunity to talk to her. And: Of course, it was still about soccer!

Questions: Eva Britsch