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What use are "Fitness Wearables"?

Even in the cold season, many people do not want to do without sports, but switch to indoor training, walks in thick jackets and the gym. Style PASS has looked around and scoffed at the latest trends that support us in our training sessions. We also meet old acquaintances in the process!

"Fitness Wearables"!

Fitness Trackers are still very much in vogue in 2020! For a long time now, you have been seeing these small devices on wrists or ankles; whether bracelet, watch or clip-on solution, there is something for everyone and meanwhile almost every area of daily life can be monitored: The number of daily steps is measured by a pedometer, sleep phases, skin temperature and heartbeat can be easily monitored with the portable technology. Just as long as it takes you to run five kilometres... and and and and.

What's more, with the right app, the data can also be easily managed.

But whether you want to go that far and send your data to your health insurance company is up to you. Clear advantage: By comparing with colleagues or friends via a suitable app, it is much easier to train.

After all, nothing motivates more, believes Style PASS, than healthy competition, doesn't it?

So the psychological effect seems to be the main focus of the range of "Fitness Wearables" offered.

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