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Training during menstruation

Tips for training during menstruation are primarily aimed at giving the athlete a feeling of security: Because many women do not want to train with a bandage, but sometimes find tampons impractical, especially because of the return string. In addition, on weaker days tampons can dry out the natural protective barrier of the vagina too much, so that an increased susceptibility to pathogens and infections has been observed. However, for some time now there have also been new products on the market!

Style PASS has taken a closer look at the product.

The menstrual cup!

The menstrual cup is also known under the names menstrual cap, moon cup, lunette. This product has a long history, because similar to the first tampons, the menstrual cup was developed in the 1930s, but then fell into oblivion again. For some years now, however, the cup has been back in fashion.

Menstrual cups are funnel-shaped containers made of medical silicone. They can hold up to 30ml and can therefore remain in the body much longer than classic tampons - usually up to 12 hours. They should be worth considering especially for female athletes, as the malleable silicone adapts perfectly to the body and is therefore not noticeable during any movement. In the meantime some professional sportswomen have already switched to this product.

But not only that: the menstrual cup is also good for the environment. The product can be used for up to ten years and therefore produces much less waste than conventional disposable hygiene products.

In addition, the menstrual cup is also good for the wallet, because products made of high-quality medical silicone (the material should definitely be) cost between 25 and 30 euros. A real bargain if you convert the price to a useful life of ten years!

Another possibility is the Soft-Tampon. Its makers advertise that sports, swimming and even a visit to the sauna is no longer a problem at all, even during menstruation. The advantage over the classic tampon: there is no longer a blue return string that you could either see (sauna visit) or that might rub off during long forest walks. The Soft-Tampon is made of dermatologically tested, skin-friendly material that does not cause irritation and the ergonomic fit promises a good and secure feeling even during menstruation. Another good alternative to the classic products.



The product was analyzed by Julia Sima!