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Starched and embroidered

Initially a fashion statement for church office holders or members of the monarchy, they were tied tightly at the neck, starched and elaborately laid in waves - so that they acted like an eye-catching frame that set the scene for the face.

Little by little, collars became more discreet and mass-compatible: bobbin lace, ornamented with eyelet embroidery or quite plain and discreet.

Every now and then they are "in". Like in the 70s, when various designers opted for a conservative schoolgirl look for adult women, or in Japan, where real schoolgirls put on the sexiest collars possible: combined with platform shoes, miniskirts and lots of make-up.

So this autumn they are back once again, and Style PASS has spotted them on various brands: In the picture on the left from ASOS, in the middle from the French upmarket brand Maje and on the right as a loose accessory that you can easily combine with your jumpers and thus pimp them - you can get them from about 8 euros.

What Style PASS particularly likes: combine a playful, romantic collar with a sporty sweatshirt, for example from the Style PASS-Shop. Style PASS thinks jeans with a used look or leather-look leggings look great with it!

Style PASS style tip: Pretty collars

New standards

New standards are not easily set. If you want to reinvent love, you have to measure yourself against Goethe's rhymes! If you want to drive faster than a Porsche, you first have to think about the limits of the electric motor, and good looks are not so easy to redefine since Claudia Schiffer walked the catwalk for "Karl".

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