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Style PASS looks at the history of eyebrows

Open your eyes!

"Eyebrow", or brow for short, is the hairy stripe above the eye sockets of some mammals. The eyebrows serve to protect the eyes from sweat, moisture, dust or other foreign bodies and thus support the function of the eyelashes", can be read on Wikipedia. In addition, the hairs have a second function: Their position and movement are part of a person's facial expression - emotions are also expressed by raising or contracting the eyebrows.

And again and again, eyebrows are above all one thing: part of a respective ideal of beauty.

Style PASS has taken a look at the trends around hair!

Bushy, present and expressive! Take Brooke Shields, for example: Born in 1965 in Manhattan, the actress started out as a model as a child, later she became world famous through the film "The Blue Lagoon" and married the successful tennis player Andre Agassi - and divorced him again. Even in pictures as a child model, her expressive eyebrows in her already pretty face stand out and later on, in the 80s, they became her trademark. Allegedly she wanted to marry megastar Michael Jackson herself, whose eyebrows also underwent one or two make-up metamorphoses. In any case, the two were close friends in their teenage years. And last year there was even a lawsuit around her eyebrows!

But another famous actress was also known for her distinctive brows: Elizabeth "Liz" Taylor. She too grew from a child star ("Lassie") into an attractive and sought-after Hollywood star - her brows accompanied her. The black-haired beauty refrained from plucking the brows to a minimalist level, but created a distinctive look with her thick, black brows that bordered her lilac eyes. Thus she became the beauty ideal for an entire generation and many women copied her style with proper kajal. In this exceptional actress, her eyebrows always stood out during her acting - like in the Tennessee Williams film "The Cat on the Hot Tin Roof", where her eyes and brows sparkle with the rhetorical tips she fires against her permanently drunk husband.

Things looked very different before Taylor in the Hollywood of the early years: Stars like the actress Gloria Swanson, born in 1899, plucked their brows into thin strokes; in some cases the eyebrows were even completely shaved off and the artificial brow was precisely traced slightly above the actual brow: Dominant, but thin and expressively curved.

The trend towards "the thinner the better" resurfaced in the 70s: Agnetha Fältskog and Anni-Frid Lyngstad, the front singers of the pop group ABBA, captivated the audience with their glittery look, flared trousers and thinly plucked eyebrows, but even the film stars of the time usually had finely plucked eyebrows. The eyes were accentuated with a good kajal, sometimes in blue or green.

And today? Today, brows are back in fashion and are bigger and more present than ever. Pioneers for the massive accentuation of the eyebrows are likely to be reality show stars like the Kardashian sisters. With their mostly extremely artificial look - including curve tuning by means of plastic surgery - they set new beauty ideals in the young, female generation. And make-up trends such as "contouring", where different coloured make-ups are used to model the nose, cheeks or chin, are also part of the daily beauty programme for many non-TV stars. The eyebrows are now accentuated using eyebrow pencils, eyebrow mascara or semi-permanent "ink" and whole hair sections are even traced. Some people also go to the beautician and have hair tattooed to create a completely new, expressive look.

On YouTube women deal intensively with their eyebrow hair, for example the ex-reality star ("The Hills") Lauren Conrad: While her ex-colleague Heidi Montag caused a stir in the USA when she had several surgical procedures done at once (breasts, ears, nose etc.), she also had her hair tattooed. Conrad thinks that her styling is now much better and more natural than in The Hills times - her eyebrows are now much more striking than before.

Style PASS finds: Allowed is what pleases. Everyone should decide whether a trend suits you.

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