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New standards

New standards are not easily set. If you want to reinvent love, you have to measure yourself against Goethe's rhymes! If you want to drive faster than a Porsche, you first have to think about the limits of the electric motor, and good looks are not so easy to redefine since Claudia Schiffer walked the catwalk for "Karl".

Nevertheless, Serena Williams currently dares to set new standards. With her strength on the racket? Williams (39) recently reached the last 16 of the Australian Open with little trouble. She beat the Russian Anastasia Potapova, who is not even half her age, with ease.

Williams, black, woman, successful in the high-performance sport of tennis, is currently daring to do what the male tennis star "Fred" Perry, coming from the so-called "working class" in England, already dared to do at the beginning of the twentieth century: Using clothing in sport to send a socio-political message.

Williams now wore a fashionable combination never seen before on the tennis court: One-piece, neon-coloured stripes, new, different, ultra, flashy, colourful, asymmetrical and above all tight, is the Nike tennis catsuit.

Nothing with ladylike tennis skirts and a white, clean-cut image à la Steffi Graf.

The "Fred Perry" brand, founded by Frederick John "Fred" Perry, who won Wimbledon three times in a row, stands for the underdog who stands up to the class enemy, even if it's only on the tennis court.

After all her successes, Serena certainly doesn't need to rebel against anyone or anything with her clothes, Style PASS believes.

And unfortunately, even the chief fashion critic Karl Lagerfeld can't tell us what he thinks of the eye-catching Williams dress.

Style PASS interprets the daring outfit as an expression of female self-confidence.

"Whatever you like is allowed", and Style PASS thinks that's quite matchpoint-like! And with this, Williams has consciously or unconsciously set new standards.

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Text: Julia Sima

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