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Modesty first

Men like Trump or Erdogan show us how vain they are: They use self-tanning lotions, are reluctant to have their half-bald heads photographed or, like the German politician Christian Lindner, even transplant their hair to appear as dynamic as possible.

Psychologists on YouTube regularly diagnose them with narcissism or other personality disorders.

The East Coast senator Bernie Sanders currently appears wonderfully refreshing.

At the inauguration of his colleague Joe Biden, the staunchly left-liberal politician dispensed with a suit, fancy cashmere coat or Burberry scarf. He made himself comfortable in a plain functional jacket and put his hands in thick mittens with an old-fashioned brown, white and black pattern.

Sanders received a lot of sympathy on the net and from journalists for this completely unpretentious appearance. The 79-year-old politician, known for his friendly grumpiness, confirmed that he had simply wanted to listen to the speech.

Style PASS thinks: Thumbs up for this likeable, unpretentious manner, and Style PASS has picked out some matching woollen mittens for you if you want to be as cool as Sanders!

Get the Leo out

Wildlife? Style PASS has found a jumper that brings as much fun to the dark season for city girls as it does for country girls who like subtle glamour.

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