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LOVE is in the Air

The temperatures are rising and rising. The birds are chirping and the beer gardens are getting fuller and fuller.

Style PASS says: Show yourself from your best side. Flirt with the sun's rays and have fun with fashion and styling.

Love is in the air!

If you go for casual jeans, you would be well advised to combine a cool T-shirt, like this one with the LOVE inscription by Bench.

Style PASS also thinks this nightwear set from the affordable brand SHEIN is really cute and sexy. It's sure to get you kissed!

Style PASS fact check on the new trend

Saving the world with a hair wash

Sometimes they just come over us, these trends: we remember when suddenly everyone was talking about the world-improving qualities of electric cars - not to mention the child labour involved in extracting the lithium needed for the batteries in Africa and the problem of disposing of the batteries. Or when a few years ago Protestants also walked around in colourful "Pope mules", some speculated that tattoo studios would soon be asking for quotes from the Old Testament.

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