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Health tips for the back

Back pain is the number one public complaint in Germany. Unfortunately, even athletes are not safe from it, because sport alone does not protect, the important thing is the right movements. And depending on the type of sport you do, you can do more harm to your back than good. According to a study, as many as 41 percent of young soccers are affected by back pain!

So that you can still remain pain-free, Style PASS has compiled the most important rules for a healthy back:

In the case of unspecific back pain - which is after all 85 percent of all cases - the muscles or fasciae in the back are tense. This can be due to incorrect, one-sided strain or lack of movement. But overloading or being overweight can also be to blame.


If the muscles are very tense and the pain in the back is severe, you should be very careful. At first, only carry out gentle and careful movements.

Important: Try to move as often as possible and avoid the so-called gentle posture (painful movements are avoided), as this can only make the pain worse. If you can no longer get out of the vicious circle on your own, physiotherapy will help. In some cases, the tense muscle tissue may first have to be loosened by a specialist, usually by means of massage.

Getting up correctly from a lying position:

The motto here is: stretch and stretch vigorously, because this is how the muscles stretch and prepare for the upcoming strain.

Standing up from a supine position: Turn on your side with your legs drawn up, then press your upper body up, using both arms. Then it's the torso's turn, push your legs over the edge of the bed so that you can touch the floor - you've done it!

Never stay in one and the same position for more than 30 minutes! Seat cushions or balls can help you to find a dynamic seat. Because: Because the cushion or ball is always unstable, the small muscles in the back have to work to stabilise the body. As a result, they do not remain in a static position, but muscles move - even if only slightly. And that is good for the intervertebral discs, because they have to be loaded and unloaded in order to function optimally.

Style PASS points this out: The back tips refer to non-specific back pain (if you suffer from chronic or specific pain, it is essential to seek professional help)!


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