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Style PASS squeezes the apple out!

With the weather of the last week(s) it is very important to drink enough - and not only when doing sports. But should one fall back on special fitness drinks for this purpose, or are conventional thirst quenchers such as apple spritzer or even water sufficient?


Training during menstruation

Tips for training during menstruation are primarily aimed at giving the athlete a feeling of security: Because many women do not want to train with a bandage, but sometimes find tampons impractical, especially because of the return string. In addition, on weaker days tampons can dry out the natural protective barrier of the vagina too much, so that an increased susceptibility to pathogens and infections has been observed. However, for some time now there have also been new products on the market!

Style PASS has taken a closer look at the product.


The product was analyzed by Julia Sima!