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Get the Leo out

Wildlife? Style PASS has found a jumper that brings as much fun to the dark season for city girls as it does for country girls who like subtle glamour.

Health tips for the back

Back pain is the number one public complaint in Germany. Unfortunately, even athletes are not safe from it, because sport alone does not protect, the important thing is the right movements. And depending on the type of sport you do, you can do more harm to your back than good. According to a study, as many as 41 percent of young soccers are affected by back pain!

What use are "Fitness Wearables"?

Even in the cold season, many people do not want to do without sports, but switch to indoor training, walks in thick jackets and the gym. Style PASS has looked around and scoffed at the latest trends that support us in our training sessions. We also meet old acquaintances in the process!

Sex on the beach:

Why love goes swimming in water!

You surely know the tingling scenes from one or the other Hollywood flick or from a porn movie you accidentally clicked on: Sex in the water!