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New standards

New standards are not easily set. If you want to reinvent love, you have to measure yourself against Goethe's rhymes! If you want to drive faster than a Porsche, you first have to think about the limits of the electric motor, and good looks are not so easy to redefine since Claudia Schiffer walked the catwalk for "Karl".

Crunches for the lower abdominal muscles

Crunches in the opposite direction mainly train the lower abdominal muscles. There are countless variations in this exercise. Style PASS introduces the simplest version.


Text: Julia Sima

Style PASS looks at the history of eyebrows

Open your eyes!

"Eyebrow", or brow for short, is the hairy stripe above the eye sockets of some mammals. The eyebrows serve to protect the eyes from sweat, moisture, dust or other foreign bodies and thus support the function of the eyelashes", can be read on Wikipedia. In addition, the hairs have a second function: Their position and movement are part of a person's facial expression - emotions are also expressed by raising or contracting the eyebrows.

Modesty first

Men like Trump or Erdogan show us how vain they are: They use self-tanning lotions, are reluctant to have their half-bald heads photographed or, like the German politician Christian Lindner, even transplant their hair to appear as dynamic as possible.